About "Eighth Dalai Lama"

Entry Value
Name Eighth Dalai Lama
Appears as sender in 13 documents
Appears as recipient in 1 documents
Appears in documents in Kundeling archives
Sends from place(s) Potala, Pho brang gsang sngags dga' tshal, Sa skya, rNam par rgyal ba'i gzhal med khang,
Receives from place(s)
Sends in script(s) Cursive, Chancellor-Script,
Receives in script(s) Cursive,
Persons who send to Eighth Dalai Lama 1 person(s),
Persons who receive from Eighth Dalai Lama 20 person(s),
Year of earliest document Eighth Dalai Lama appears on 1772
Year of latest document Eighth Dalai Lama appears on 1872
Seals on documents Eighth Dalai Lama sends List of seals,
Refers to person