Overview information about the document with ID 1229.

Entry Value
Document number in archives 1229
Name of archives Kundeling archives
Signatory in archives 012 2-1/#/19/7/4
Senders Sras khri 'dzin ngo ma, sDe dge dpon ngo ma,
Comment about sender Sras khri-'dzin ngo-ma = sDe-dge dpon ngo-ma
Recipients lHa sdod mi 'go, Kong yul rgan po bcas kyi gtsos drag zhan su thad,
Comment about recipient lHa-sdod mi-'go / Kong-yul rgan-po bcas kyi gtsos drag-zhan su-thad
Place Jo rdzong,
Comment about place of issue Jo-rdzong ?
Comments about further seals on document
Script(s) Cursive,
Comments about scripts on document c
Project name dtab
Comment about type(s) of document DC: 'khrol-'dzin lag-'khyer TAL: 'khrol-'dzin
Type(s) of document
Date of issue 28 VI chu-stag TAL: 1903,
Further comments
Terminology None