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ID 1776
Color red
Form square
Comment Inside outer rim: Two lined rims with three columns of 'phags pa script. D. Dawson, Some Tibetan Seals Illustrated and Described, p. 2: Dates from 1578 when the Mongol ruler Altan Khan was converted to Buddhism by Sonam Gyatso on whom he conferred the title Tale Lama, Ocean of Wisdom, and gave him this large golden seal. It was used by successive Dalai Lamas on important documents, and impressions are known between 1642 and 1899 (5th to 13th Dalai Lamas). (From 7th Dalai Lama in his 45th year)
DocID 0835g_LTWA_27
Size 11,0 x 11,0 (8,8 x 8,8)
Inscription col1: Z rdo rje 'chang, col2: tA la'i bla ma, col3: yi tham ka rgyal
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Reference see Schuh, Grundlagen tibetischer Siegelkunde, p. 7
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