Overview information about the document with ID 182.

Entry Value
Document number in archives 182
Name of archives Kundeling archives
Signatory in archives 012 1-1/#/18/3/4
Senders dPe chi bkra shis phun tshogs,
Comment about sender dPe?-chi bkra-shis phun-tshogs
Recipients rJe btsun badzra da rA rdo rje 'chang,
Comment about recipient rJe-btsun badzra da-rA rdo-rje 'chang
Place bzung rtse,
Comment about place of issue bzung-rtse?
Comments about further seals on document
Script(s) Cursive,
Comments about scripts on document c
Project name dtab
Comment about type(s) of document TAL: mtshams-zhu'i zhu-yig
Type(s) of document
Date of issue n. d.,
Further comments Greeting letter.
Terminology None