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Entry Value
ID 2001
Color red
Form square
Comment Inside outer rim: Second rim with six columns of 'phags pa script. Vartu-Letter "Dza" (and others?) inside rim at top middle? (see Schuh, p. 110). Official Seal of the second De mo no min han Blo bzang thub bstan 'jigs med rgya mtsho - regent (1811-1819).
DocID 1068d_LTWA_279
Size 3,5 x 3,5 (2,7 x 2,7)
Inscription col1: Z gong ma'i lung; col2: gis zhva ser gyi P; col 3: bstan pa 'dzin; col4: byed dpal ldan no; col5: min han gyi tham; col6: ga bkra shis dge'o /;
Type None
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Reference see Schuh, Grundlagen tibetischer Siegelkunde, p. 169
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