Overview information about the document with ID 291.

Entry Value
Document number in archives 291
Name of archives Kundeling archives
Signatory in archives 012 1-2/#/10/5/4
Senders Sum pa Ho thog thu,
Comment about sender Sum-pa Ho thog-thu
Recipients Kun gling mchog sprul rin po che,
Comment about recipient Kun-gling mchog-sprul rin-po-che
Comment about place of issue n. p.
Comments about further seals on document
Script(s) Cursive,
Comments about scripts on document c
Project name dtab
Comment about type(s) of document TAL: 'tshams-zhu'i zhu-yig
Type(s) of document
Date of issue 27 V,
Further comments Seal on wrapping. Glosse: gus phran sum pa hu thog thu nas.
Terminology None