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Entry Value
ID 337
Color red
Form square
Comment Inside outer rim: square line. Inside square line: six columns of text, where text sometimes reaches into the next column. Seal of lHa bzang Khan (1706-1717)
DocID 012 2-1/#/8/2/4_KDLG_CD82_3
Size None
Inscription col1: Z bsod nans(!) stobs dang P; col2: 'byor pa phin(!) tshogs dvags (!); col3: ldan thams cad dbang bsdud (!); col4: chos kyi rgyal po'i mnga' P; col5: thang pa snyan pas sa steng khyab; col6: cing bde legs su gyur ro;
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Reference see Schuh, Grundlagen tibetischer Siegelkunde, p. 50f
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