Overview information about the document with ID 573.

Entry Value
Document number in archives 573
Name of archives Kundeling archives
Signatory in archives 012 1-2/#/39/1/4
Senders emperor, Sha la thur gong ma,
Comment about sender Gong-ma gnam-skyong or Sha-la thur gong-ma i.e. the Ch'ien-lung Emperor
Recipients rTa tshag rje drung ho thog thu, i.e.rTa tshag VIII Ye shes blo bzang bstan pa'i mgon po (1760 1811,
Comment about recipient rJe-drung Ho thog-thu, i.e.rTa-tshag VIII Ye-shes blo-bzang bstan-pa'i mgon-po (1760-1811)
Comment about place of issue n. p.
Comments about further seals on document
Script(s) Chancellor-Script,
Comments about scripts on document cs (sug-thung)?
Project name dtab
Comment about type(s) of document DC: bka'-phebs-pa AN: bka'-lung 'dra-shus
Type(s) of document
Date of issue sPa'o de-can ?,
Further comments Copy of the Emperor's edict, nominating the rTa-tshag Ho thog-thu as replacement of dGa'-ldan shri-ri ge thu sa-ma ti pakshia, who held at that time the post of His Holiness' assistant. Two other lamas of dGa'-ldan shri-ri thu living in Beijing and DE-mo Ho thog-thu of Tibet are mentioned, but they were still young and not appropriate to assist His Holiness. Letter contains also another sending date by the Emperor gNam-skyong, age 59th, summer 5th month 6th day.
Terminology None