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ID 1779
Color red
Form square
Comment Inside outer rim: Second rim with six columns of 'phags pa script. Newly made seal of the first rTa tshag regent, Kun gling rTa tshag rje drung sbi lig tu no min han samati pakshi Ye shes blo bzang bstan pa'i mgon po (reg. 1789-1790 and 1791-1810), that he first used in 1805. Inscription: "Seal of the glorious No min han, who is bearing the burdon of the (political) tasks of Tibet and who is administering the yellow hat school. May he be completely victorious."
DocID 0837d_LTWA_29
Size 5 x 5 (3,8 x 3,8)
Inscription col1: Z / bod kyi las don; col2: khur dzin zha ser; col3: bstan pa 'dzin; col4: byed dpal ldan no; col5: min han gyi tham; col6: ga rnam par rgyal lo;
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Reference see Schuh, Grundlagen tibetischer Siegelkunde, p. 130f
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