Overview information about the seal with ID 1976.

Entry Value
ID 1976
Color red
Form square
Comment Inside outer rim: Second lined rim with seven columns of 'phags pa script. Seal of the Ra sgreng Rin po che A che thu ho thug thu (r. 1845- 1855)
DocID 0939o_LTWA_151
Size 5,7 x 5,7 (4,3 x 4,3)
Inscription col1: gangs ljongs ngo mtshar; col2: zhing gi bstan 'gro'i; col3: spyi dpal ra sgreng a chi; col4: thu ho thog thu'i chos srid; col5: 'phrin las bzang po'i; col6: dge mtshan 'bar ba'i tham ga; col7: bkra shis bde skyid 'phel;
Links compare Schuh, Grundlagen tibetischer Siegelkunde, p. 220
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