Overview information about the seal with ID 2078.

Entry Value
ID 2078
Color red
Form square
Comment Seal of rJe drung hu thug tu. Inside outer rim: Lined rim with seven columns of 'phags pa script.
DocID 1408j_LTWA_650
Size 4,8 x 4,8 (3,5 x 3,5)
Inscription col1: Z gnas bskos 'jam; col2: dbyangs gong ma chen po; col3: yi bkas ye shes yongs; col4: rdzogs bsam gtan P; col5: mkhan po rje drung hu P; col6: thug tu'i tham ga bkra P; col7: shis dge legs 'phel;
Links compare: No. 85: 0428d_KHD_S82_13-14_1-2_2, No.170: 012 1-4/#/1/5/4_KDLG_CD74_3 and No.63: 0392d_KHD_S68_17-18_5-6_2
Automatically extracted links Seal: 012 1-4/#/1/5/4_KDLG_CD74_3
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