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Document number in archives 71
Name of archives Kundeling archives
Signatory in archives 012 1-1/#/8/1/4
Comment about sender Anonymous
Comment about recipient None
Comment about place of issue n. p.
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Script(s) Chancellor-Script, Cursive,
Comments about scripts on document c + few lines cs
Project name dtab
Comment about type(s) of document DC: gsol-ras rtsal-gras AN: rgya-deb song-khra TAL: gsol-ras song-khra
Type(s) of document
Date of issue TAL: me-byi 1767 / 1876,
Further comments Three books called rgya-deb “chinese book”, recording various gifts mainly for chinese officers and for the chinese New Year and khrang-gzhi ceremony (XII shing-phag through me-byi TAL: 1767/1876).
Terminology None